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This page contains up to the minute information and announcements and will be regularly updated so you know what's happening at the club


The green is now open for social bowling subject to the following:

Green will be open from 12pm - 9pm each day

1 hour time slots are bookable

You may only enter the property if you are a paid member of the club for 2020

Maximum of 4 people at the green at any time

1 game on at any time (Singles or Doubles)

No spectators are allowed

Access to the green is via the car park gate only

Hand sanitizer is provided at the gate, this must be used by all before entering

No access will be allowed to the clubhouse or toilet at this time (toilet maybe allowed at the next meeting)

Only use your equipment brought from home (jacks, mats, bowls etc.)

If a game is between different households then each household MUST use different equipment (jacks, mats, bowls etc.)

Keep strict social distancing measures in place - you must remain at a safe distance (2 metres) from people outside of your household.

Once you have completed your session, please depart as soon as you safely can to enable others to access the green.

Make sure the gate is properly closed when you exit.

Being careful about touching solid surfaces e.g. gates, seating, doors, etc.

If these rules are seen being ignored then the club will either stop taking bookings from the member breaking them or close the green back down completely. This is a strict one strike system in order to keep our members as safe as we can.

All booking will be done though James Weaver at the moment via Whatsapp. His phone number is 07584483062 for anyone that needs to add me to their contacts please don't send it through to the HBC group.


To book a spot i will need to know the following:

Date and time (times start on the hour) of your 1 hour spot

Name of every member that will be at the green (allows us to track incase someone becomes ill)

Contact number

If you request a time that is already booked I will see what other times we can do for you. Also as i am still working, even though it is from home, if you could give me a few hours notice that would be great. Would rather not get a message saying “is now available” too often.

Most importantly please do not book a spot or attend a booking if you or a member of your household are feeling unwell or showing any of the symptoms that would require you to self isolate.



Competition Details

Unfortunately it is most unlikely that any competitions will take place this season

League Leaders Shield K/O Competition: 

Chairman's Cup: 

Charity Shield: Wednesday 

James Weaver Claret: 

Finals Day: 

Jack Jackson Day:

President's Cup (Champion of the Green):