A Brief Summary of how the Club was Founded

An inaugural meeting was held in August 1988 at which approximately 40 village residents were informed by Mr. Wynn Morris that Mr. Robin Thompson and the Trustees of the Hardwicke Estate had kindly given their consent to lease a plot of land (a derelict children’s playing field). Wynn Morris was elected as Chairman, John Weaver as Treasurer, Peter Brammer as Secretary and Peter Maguire as Green Superintendent. Within two months there was a membership of over 100 which later rose to 150 consisting of Hadnall residents who either wished to play or just supported the idea of a bowling club for the village. By May 1990, following planning applications, much fund raising and hard work, the green was ready for play, starting with four cup competitions; now 11 trophies are played for annually. From just two League teams in 1991, the club now has nine League teams playing weekly inter club matches. In 2003, the green was widened on the Station Road side by 1.5 metres. In 2009 the club won the Shropshire Playing Fields Association “Best Kept Sports Club” award and in 2010 were winners of the “Best Kept Playing Surface” award – a tribute to the many volunteers who willingly give their time and skills to the benefit of the club and helping to reduce the costs. The maintenance work and fundraising are constantly going on and in 2016 the membership was stable at 73.


Embryonic Beginnings

Extracts from a speech by John Weaver at the Club's Celebration Dinner
and Presentations, November 2015

A casual conversation between Mr Peter Maguire, Mr Wyn Morris and Mr John Weaver in 1988, led to an enquiry about the derelict children's playing field located on Station Road. The land was owned by the Hardwicke Estate and the playing equipment had fallen into disrepair some years before, the only visual signs of their existence were the steel frame of the swing, a cast iron pivot support of the seesaw and a metal post protruding through a concrete base where the roundabout once existed. The land was very overgrown with a lot of discarded belongings which had accumulated over many years.

It was generally agreed that it should be improved and at this point Mr Peter Brammer (who was working with the Hardwicke Estate at that time) joined in the conversation. He agreed to ask Captain Thompson of Hardwicke Estate if he had any objections to the land being cleared and generally tidied up, with the idea that it could again be used for the good of the village. Of all the suggestions made for the use of the field, it was the idea of a bowling green which appeared to catch the enthusiasm of those consulted.

After some weeks of work, the land was laid bare, measurements were taken and enquiries made as to the minimum size required for a bowling green. Fortunately  the field met the minimum requirements and the idea was developed.It was decided that if it received the support of the village, work would be undertaken to create a bowling green which would be operated as "The Hadnall Bowling Club". It was considered that it must be seen as a Hadnall village club, not a New Inn club. The seeds had been sown, and a group of potentially active bowling members arranged a friendly match to be played at the High Ercall bowling club. Unfortunately those attending this match were not recorded, but it accelerated support and it was decided to hold a meeting in the village hall.