The Green



Valuable advice was given by Mr Pat Strafford of Shropshire Playing Fields Association (SPFA). The turf was laid in the October and Glyn Edwards became the Groundsman. In 1994, following problems and the employment of a temporary greenkeeper, a number of members (Stephen Oakley, Peter Maguire and Bryan Thomas) looked after the green. Mervyn Haines took the roll of Head Gardener with the help of Ernie Tisdale and they provided a colourful display along the roadside and the cottage end. Stephen Oakley's dedication provided Hadnall with "...probably one of the best greens in the League..." and his management had reduced the green maintenance costs considerably.

2001 Tony Coles, Stephens "sidekick", took charge with the help of Bryan Thomas, Peter Maguire and Stephen Oakley.


New mower purchased


Osprey irrigation system installed


The green was widened alongside the roadside. The costs were reduced considerably with the help of Mick Butler and hardworking members.


Colin Horobin became Tony Coles' new apprentice and later was joined by Ernie Garrett, who had continued the planting at the cottage end.


Overall joint winner of the SPFA "Best Kept Sports Club" award. Purchased a new sprayer.


Winners of the SPFA "Best Kept Playing Surface" award, all thanks to Tony Coles, Colin Horobin, Ernie Garrett and Mike Pemberton.


New hinged drop down lighting posts were erected by the members under the supervision of Gerry Fitzpatrick.


The ditches were strengthened and lined with green outdoor carpet.

Over the years a number of seats and benches have been kindly donated by villagers and relatives of past members.

Annually the club have had a Presentation of the Trophies. In the early years Mrs Dot Higgins and Mrs Barbara Williams provided buffets in the New Inn and Peter Maguire's curries and hot pots were also very popular. 

As the membership increased, the Village Hall was used with Mrs Helen Davies, Mrs Sandra Slater and Mr Edward Potter (Oakapple Catering) providing three course meals. Evening meals with entertainment worked well, so too the Sunday lincheons.

Our 25th anniversary Celebration and Presentation Evening was greatly enjoyed at The Bothy restaurant.

Since our first evening league match, it has been tradition to invite the opposing team to join us for supper in the New Inn. This has been good for team spirit.

Although the pavilion is small, we use it as a "restaurant" on President's Day and Jack jackson's Day when we have enjoyed great hospitality.

BBQ's are popular, especially on the Charity Shield evening.

We have been fortunate to have the New Inn as our second pavilion and appreciate the welcome we have received, in particular from Peter Maguire, Peter and Val O'sullivan. The "Val and Sully Day" in 2002 was sponsored by Enterprise Inns who made a generous donation to the club.

Fund Raising

In the time before the club was formed and in its early years of existence, it was apparent that a considerable amount of funds would be required for the construction of a bowling green. An estimate for the works was acquired from a contractor who quoted £42,000 (at that time a 4 bed detached house in Hadnall cost £43,000!). Christmas raffles were the first main fund raisers with most of the prizes being donated which greatly enhanced the profitability.

In 1992 a Bowling Club Tote was introduced, rules were quite simple - pick two numbers between 1 and 31. A live draw took place in the New Inn on a Sunday lunch time, with a pay out of 55%. This proved very popular. In 1999  with the introduction of the UK's National Lottery, the club  introduced a Bonus Ball game, where members would try to pick what was going to be that week's Bonus Ball. Both these fundraisers are still running to this day!

Race Nights, discos, raffles, rounders, new age curling, big breakfasts, coffee mornings, Barbecues, target bowls, concerts, quiz nights and refreshments have all raised valuable funds. The Charity Shield evening and other club events have raised money for local charities notably: RSH breast cancer ward, Cardiac Trust, Hadnall church, Dream Catchers, Lingen-Davies Unit, the Children's ward of RSH,Hope House, Macmillan Nurses, Air Ambulance, RSH  Neonatal Unit and the Severn Hospice.