James Weaver

Committee Member

Graham Snelson

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Committee Member
Andy Marshall

Officers & Committee for 2021


Peter Sargeant


Colin Horobin


Rachel Madle

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Committee Member

Tim Jordan

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Committee Member

Dave Browne

Committee Member

Richard Leah



2018 - Bryan Thomas

For his outstanding contribution over

many years to the life of the club

(Chairman 1999 to 2001 & President 2005 to 2007)

2019 - Margaret Thomas

For her commitment and massive contribution to the running of the club over many years

(President 2014 to 2016)

Life  Members

Past  Life  Members

1994 - Mr Wynn Morris

For his work as Chairman for the first six years

2010 - Mr Gordon Williams

A successful team captain. In one year he was captain

of three teams, two of which gained promotion

2015 - Mr Mervyn Haines

For his dedication to the Club

2017 - Mr Tony Coles

For his dedication to the club as green-keeper, 

President (2011 to 2014) and committee member

Past Presidents

This office (3 year term) was not introduced until 1996 and was created to reflect gratitude to a member for past efforts on behalf of the club. He or she would be a figurehead and if necessary an arbitrator

1996/98  Mr Wynn Morris

1999/01  Mr John Tanner

2002/04  Mr Dewi Davies

2005/07  Mr Bryan Thomas

2008/10  Mr John Stephenson

2011/13  Mr Tony Coles

2014/16  Mrs Margaret Thomas

2017/19  Mr Phil Price

     Past Secretaries

1988/98  Mr Peter Brammer

1999/05  Mr Ian Bowser

2006/16  Mrs Catherine Coles

  Past Treasurers

1988 /91 Mr John Weaver

1992/95  Mr John Stephenson

1997/16  Mr Brian Bebb

2017/21  Mr Eric Pridding

Past Chairmen

1988/93  Mr Wynn Morris

1994/95  Mr John Tanner

1996/97  Mr Stephen Oakley

1998        Mr Merrick Roocroft

1999/01  Mr Bryan Thomas

2002/05  Mr John Gibson

2006/08  Mr John Stephenson

2009/16  Mr Phil Price