Hadnall Bowling Club

Committee Member

Mike Pemberton

Officers & Committee for 2019


Peter Sargeant


Phil Price


Rachel Madle

Committee Member

Steve Dance


Eric Pridding

Committee Member

Graham Snelson

Committee Member

Dave Browne

Committee Member

James Weaver


2018 - Bryan Thomas

For his outstanding contribution over

many years to the life of the club

(Chairman 1999 to 2001 & President 2005 to 2007)

2019 - Margaret Thomas

For her commitment and massive contribution to the running of the club over many years

(President 2014 to 2016)

Life  Members

Past  Life  Members

1994 - Mr Wynn Morris

For his work as Chairman for the first six years

2010 - Mr Gordon Williams

A successful team captain. In one year he was captain

of three teams, two of which gained promotion

2015 - Mr Mervyn Haines

For his dedication to the Club

2017 - Mr Tony Coles

For his dedication to the club as green-keeper, 

President (2011 to 2014) and committee member

Past Presidents

This office (3 year term) was not introduced until 1996 and was created to reflect gratitude to a member for past efforts on behalf of the club. He or she would be a figurehead and if necessary an arbitrator

1996  Mr Wynn Morris

1999  Mr John Tanner

2002  Mr Dewi Davies

2005  Mr Bryan Thomas

2008  Mr John Stephenson

2011  Mr Tony Coles

2014  Mrs Margaret Thomas

     Past Secretaries

1988  Mr Peter Brammer

1999  Mr Ian Bowser

2006  Mrs Catherine Coles

  Past Treasurers

1988  Mr John Weaver

1992  Mr John Stephenson

1997  Mr Brian Bebb

Past Chairmen

1988  Mr Wynn Morris

1994  Mr John Tanner

1996  Mr Stephen Oakley

1998  Mr Merrick Roocroft

1999  Mr Bryan Thomas

2002  Mr John Gibson

2006  Mr John Stephenson

2009  Mr Phil Price